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Led by Christina Kroll, Kroll PR is a public relations firm that brings together seasoned media and communication experts to build and execute strategic brand campaigns.

Independence and collaboration have an advantage:
Kroll PR is efficient and has a long, successful track record so your investment goes directly and powerfully towards telling your story.

• PR: Media & Influencer Relations
• Content Creation
• Product Launches
• Executive Profiling and Thought Leadership
• Speaking Engagements
• Event Curation
• Social Media
• Reputation Management

At Kroll PR, we believe in the power of purposeful growth. Our mission at Kroll PR is to help your brand flourish and grow. As pioneers of brand influence and recognition in the US and Canada, we understand that without proper and consistent hype, your brand and business stalls rather than succeeds

The excitement and attention generated around a brand, person, or event through media coverage is critical for growth.

At Kroll PR, we nurture your business to ensure it thrives.  We are here to help you increase brand visibility and engagement. With over 15 years of experience in public relations, our team is well-equipped to elevate your brand's presence and impact.

Our passion lies in fashion, beauty and wellness.  Our brightest moments occur when we connect authentic brands with genuine people worldwide. 


Join us at Kroll PR, and let your brand bloom with purpose, mindfulness, and genuine connections. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world and drive your brand towards lasting success. 

Balance with Traditional PR

Today's public relation efforts are not just in print, but in the digital arena. Targeting both digital and print mediums allows for the best balance and reach with PR.

Appropriate Data Analysis

Data collection and analysis allows for us to gain important information that can help make key choices to guide business development and strategy.

Social Media Growth

Press media hits can be shared in creative ways through effective social media and sharing strategies.


We believe in providing clients with daily updates and data - providing access to all activity and contacts.


We influence and grow networks authentically, with purpose to not only better the brand, but the lives of the people that it attracts.


We deliver authentic, relevant, and mutually beneficial opportunities. We offer and help provide clarity on how best to target your audience and create unique and effective campaigns


We work with talented individuals on a mission to share their purpose and to develop multimedia content and campaigns. Personal Goals are considered and achieved.


Tel. 609-651-3529

Fax. 732-591-2822

Brick, NJ  08724



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